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Hire a Dedicated Designer
Hire a dedicated designer and save at least 70% on your project costs!

Yes, you read it right. Hire a designer solely dedicated to you, working full time at just $895/month!

He works:
8 Hours a Day
5 Days a Week
22 Days a month

The designer you hire works completely under your supervision. The medium of supervision is of your choice. You may choose to supervise and order the designer via text chats, voice conference, calls, or any other medium you find comfortable with.

Therefore you save a lot in building up of infrastructure, HR costs, employee training, overheads and costs involved in abiding by various laws. Thus, you may provide a tough competition even to those competitors who themselves outsource their works.

All designers are rigorously examined at the time of employment. Each one of them undergo reference and background checks, and must pass a set of standardized tests prior to being offered a position as a Designer.

We will provide you with a signed copy of a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality of your Flash Design Projects. As mentioned in the US copyright laws, we will also forgo rights to intellectual property that we create during the period for which we work for you. All the rights of the Flash Design source code will be owned by you.

Contact us now to start benefiting from the service!

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